AWWA-64358 Safety First: Personal Protective Equipment DVD


An introduction to personal protective equipment (PPE) for water system workers.


We can avoid most accidents on the job if we concentrate on the basics. Nothing is more basic than the equipment we wear to protect us on the job–personal protective equipment, or PPE. Safety First: Personal Protective Equipment DVD provides an overview of OSHA-required PPE for water system workers. Excellent for new water system employees, the program presents the essential knowledge employees need to know about the specialized clothing and equipment they must use to protect eyes, face, head, hearing, respiratory tract, body, and extremities from potentially hazardous conditions.

The DVD covers:
• Hard hats 
• Eye protection
• Face shields
• Eyewash stations
• Hearing protection
• Respirators
• Body wear
• Life vests
• Reflective vests
• Gloves
• Leg protection
• Footwear
• Fall arrestors
• Employee training

In addition, the DVD includes PowerPoint slides, speaker's notes for trainers, and a quiz, for a complete training program on personal protective equipment. (15 minutes)

ISBN: 9781583218501
 American Water Works Association
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