AWWA-64351 Plain Talk About Drinking Water DVD

Enjoy a video presentation about drinking water
Answers to customers’ frequent questions about water quality, water treatment and distribution, bottled water, home filtration, conservation, tastes and odors, and more.

Plain Talk About Drinking Water DVD is a two-disc set:

Disc 1 is a DVD. Lively action, professional talent, and familiar Q & A format keeps adults and kids alike engaged. It is ideal for showing to consumers and kids during “National Drinking Water Week,” school visits, and on lobby kiosks or at community fairs and festivals. 

Disc 2 contains Web-ready video files to let you post the questions and answers to your Web site. Each question and answer can be posted individually, so you can change Q & As periodically to keep visitors learning something new about safe drinking water. All content is copyright pre-approved and ready to show—you don’t have to worry about permissions and copyrights. Add them to your customer service or public information page… rotate them out on your home page… they are ready to be used anywhere on your Web site.

With these new, two-disk sets, it is easier than ever to give customers,
 the media, schools, public officials – anyone who needs trustworthy water information – reliable answers to their questions about drinking water.

ISBN: 9781583217696

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2010

AWWA catalog no: 64351
Media Type: DVD