AWWA-64348 Valve Operation and Maintenance DVD, AWWA Field Guide


Keep water distribution valves in top operating condition with the approved procedures in this DVD field guide.


AWWA Field Guide: Valve Operation and Maintenance DVD covers valve types, applications, location, inspection, exercise, and maintenance records. The video is one of the AWWA Field Guide video series for water distribution operators.

The video covers:
• Valve types and applications
• Importance of valve maintenance
• Identifying critical valves
• Valve maintenance schedules
• Documenting valve locations
• Customer notification
• Visual inspection of valve box
• Properly opening and closing valves to prevent damage and injury
• Record-keeping procedures and information to be recorded
• Worker safety

Maintenance Manual
Maintenance of Concrete
Maintenance of Parking
Maintenance and Repair
Maintenance of Water
Maintenance Manual
Maintenance Management
Maintenance and Repair
Maintenance Safety


ISBN: 9781583217665

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2011

AWWA catalog no: 64348

Media Type: DVD