AWWA-64345 Pipe Tapping DVD, AWWA Field Guide


This DVD for water operators provides step-by-step instruction in tapping various types of water pipe.


AWWA Field Guide: Pipe Tapping DVD covers all commonly used pipe materials, including ductile-iron, steel, concrete, PE, and PVC. The video is one of the AWWA Field Guide Series of instructional videos for water distribution operators. The information in this video is based on five AWWA Manuals of Water Supply Practices:Concrete Pressure Pipe (M9), Steel Pipe (M11), PVC Pipe (M23), Ductile-Iron Pipe (M41), and PE Pipe (M55), as well as related AWWA Standards. This video is intended as a general guide to be used with equipment manufacturers’ installation recommendations. 

The video covers:

  •    Installing taps in PVC, ductile-iron, PE, concrete, and steel pipe 
  •    Tapping machines, corporation stops, and other materials and equipment 
  •    Direct tapping, tapping through service saddles, tapping with sleeves and valves 
  •    Wet and dry taps 
  •    Leak and corrosion prevention 
  •    Choosing tap locations 
  •    Backfilling and pipe supports 
  •    Worker safety                  

ISBN: 9781583217634

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2010

AWWA catalog no: 64345

Media Type: DVD