AWWA-64344 2010 Field Guide: Hydrant Flow Tests DVD

AWWA Field Guide: Hydrant Flow Tests DVD illustrates step-by-step, AWWA-approved procedures for conducting hydrant flow tests.

The information in this video is based on AWWA Manual of Water Supply Practices,Installation, Field Testing and Maintenance of Fire Hydrants (M17). It is one of the AWWA Field Guide Series of instructional videos for water distribution operators. Hydrant flow tests are used to determine pressure and flow-producing capabilities at any location within a water distribution system. In addition to providing a measurement of available water pressure at various locations in the system, flow tests can reveal pipeline problems, such as flow-reducing tuberculation, water-wasting leaks, and closed valves.


Hydrant flow tests are also called fire-flow tests, because they provide information on the amount of water pressure available for fire fighting. Hydrant flow tests also provide the added benefit of making sure fire hydrants are in good operating condition in case of fire.


The video covers:

Worker safety
·        Purpose of flow tests
·        Flow-test equipment
·        Choosing test locations and times
·        Residual hydrants and flow hydrants
·        Static pressure and residual pressure
·        Opening and closing hydrants
·        Notifying customers and fire department
·        Flushing hydrants prior to test
·        Measuring flows and pressures
·        Performing calculations
·        Checking results for accuracy
·        Record keeping

ISBN: 9781583217627

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2010

AWWA catalog no: 64344

Media Type: DVD