AWWA-64335 Pipe Profile Series: PE Pipe DVD


Water operators learn all about polyethylene (PE) pipe in this training DVD, part of the five-DVD Pipe Profile Series.

Polyethylene was commercialized in 1933 and was used as a substitute for rubber in insulation during World War II.  PE is a thermoplastic polymer that can be softened and formed into useful shapes by the application of heat and pressure. The interest in PE has grown particularly for its corrosion and leakage resistance, low installation cost and for rehabilitation and where open cut installation is prohibitive or disruptive. PE’s flexibility and resilience also makes it popular for use in earthquake zones or areas where soils can shift; as it is installed in continuous thermally-fused lengths.

Pipe Profile Series: PE Pipe DVD illustrates the characteristics of PE pipe used in water supply. Areas of discussion include:

• Advantages, disadvantages, and concerns
• Thermal effects and weathering
• Guideline for proper transportation, receiving, unloading, inspection, and storage
• Working characteristics
• Basic installation procedures and considerations
• Bedding and backfill requirements
• Basic pipe repair
• Maintenance, testing, and record-keeping

All information in PE Pipe is based on related AWWA Standards and AWWA Manuals of Water Supply Practices--your assurance of current, water industry-approved information. (18 minutes)

ISBN: 9781583216002

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2009

AWWA catalog no: 64335

Media Type: DVD