AWWA-64332 Pipeline Repair Teleconference DVD


Main breaks and pipeline repairs are the topics of this AWWA teleconference.

Pipeline Repair Teleconference DVD presents detailed information on performing pipeline repairs and other utility issues related to pipe repairs.

Discussion topics include: 

1.      Worksite safety, traffic control, shoring and shielding
2.      Advance preparation for main breaks
3.      Repair procedures
4.      Staffing issues
5.      Preventing contamination, disinfection procedures
6.      Reporting and public relations
7.      Checklist of the repair process

(3 hours, two DVDs)

Concept, Performance, Evaluation, and Repair
Rehabilitating and Repairing the Buildings
Design and Construction, Problems and Repair
Mechanism, Detection, Avoidance, and Repair
Elements for OEM and Repair
Strengthening and Repairing Existing Structures
Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Repair
Repairing & Replacing Fire Hydrants
Pipeline Repair for Water Utilities

ISBN: 9781583216927

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2007

AWWA catalog no: 64332

Media Type: DVD