AWWA-64326 Water Distribution Operator Training: Pumps and Motors DVD


Distribution operator training DVD teaches basic types, operation, installation, and maintenance of water pumps and motors.

Pumps and motors "power" the distribution system, filling the water lines and delivering water to the customer's tap. Water Distribution Operator Training: Pumps and Motors DVD illustrates many types of pumps commonly used in water distribution systems, with emphasis placed on centrifugal pumps. This DVD illustrates volute, diffuser, single and double suction, axial flow, mixed-flow, vertical turbine, submersible, deep-well, in-line booster, jet, and other pumps.

Operators are also shown various types and operation of electric motors used for water pumps. They learn about three-phase motors, control of heat, motor starters used for large pumps, remote and automatic controls, and motor installation. Operators learn and disadvantages of centrifugal pumps, operating principles of the different pumps, advantages and where in the distribution system each type of pump is used; pump operating curves, pump sizing, priming, inspection and maintenance procedures, and recordkeeping. (12 minutes)

ISBN: 9781583216286

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2006

AWWA catalog no: 64326

Media Type: DVD