AWWA-64324 Water Distribution Operator Training: Valves DVD


Distribution operator training DVD teaches types, installation, operation, and maintenance of water valves.

Critical components in water distribution systems, valves control the flow, pressure, and direction of water; isolate water main breaks to minimize customer inconvenience; and protect water from contamination. Water Distribution Operator Training: Valves DVD describes the different types of distribution valves, and illustrates with animation how each type of valve works. The viewer learns where in a distribution system each valve type is chosen for use and why. Importantly, the viewer learns correct procedures for safely opening and closing valves to prevent damage to pipes and valves or injury to the operator. The DVD covers valve connections, pressure-reducing and pressure-relief valves, and water hammer prevention; altitude valves, backflow prevention valves, and toilet valves; power-actuated valves; valve vaults and valve installation; valve inspection, maintenance, repairs, and recordkeeping. (16 minutes)

ISBN: 9781583216262

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2006

AWWA catalog no: 64324

Media Type: DVD