AWWA-64322 Water Distribution Operator Training: Hydrants DVD


Distribution operator training DVD teaches basic types, operation, installation, and maintenance of fire hydrants.

Fire hydrants that operate properly and provide adequate flow can make the difference between losing, or saving, property and lives during a fire. This DVD explains the importance of maintaining fire hydrant reliability for firefighting. Other uses are also described, including distribution pipe flushing, flow testing, and filling water tank trucks. Operators learn why hydrant use must be monitored and controlled by the water utility to maintain security and safety; the different types of wet-barrel and dry-barrel fire hydrants and their operation; typical hydrant design, hydrant part names, and breakaway designs; use of hydrant wrenches, correct procedure for opening and closing hydrants; location and use of auxiliary valves; hydrant inspection, pressure- and leak-testing, placement, installation, maintenance, and repairs; hydrant color-coding, safety and security devices, and recordkeeping. (13 minutes)

ISBN: 9781583216248
 American Water Works Association
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