AWWA-64304 Case Studies in Source Water Protection DVD


This DVD illustrates, with actual case studies, how water suppliers deal with both natural and human-caused contamination of their drinking water sources.

Source water protection is the first barrier in the multi-barrier approach to drinking water quality. This DVD illustrates a variety of techniques for protecting source waters from both natural and man-made contamination - even if the utility does not own or control its watershed or aquifer recharge areas.
Drought and wildfire - Colorado and Washington
Recently, across drought-stricken western states, wildfires scorched tens of thousands of acres of forested watershed lands, exposing the soil to erosion. Rains then washed tons of sediment and debris into the rivers and lakes that supply water to cities, clogging intakes and creating massive treatment problems for water utilities. You will discover how water managers in Colorado work to mitigate the effects of these natural disasters and how in Walla Walla, WA the utility is proactively working to prevent the problem from occurring and to protect their source water.
Contamination - Lake Tawakoni, TX
More than two million people rely on Lake Tawakoni, a principle water storage reservoir for the Dallas, TX area, for their drinking water. The Dallas water utility had its hands full when a 28-inch gasoline pipeline ruptured, spilling thousands of gallons of MTBE-laced gasoline into the tributary feeding the reservoir. MTBE, a possible carcinogen that also causes water to taste and smell like turpentine, reached levels of 6,000 parts per billion in the lake. You will learn how utility officials working with the petroleum company that owned the pipeline, lake managers, and USEPA officials, cleaned up the spill.
Watershed pollution - Philadelphia
How can a major water utility company restore and protect a polluted watershed that encompasses 40 counties in four states and that provides drinking water to 17% of the US population? And, what if they own less than 1% of the watershed? That is the challenge facing the Philadelphia, PA, Water Department, the oldest water utility in the US. You will see how Philadelphia Water officials, realizing they could not do it alone, spearheaded a collaborative network of cities, government agencies, and 75 more organizations to fund and implement a far-reaching source water improvement and protection initiative that benefits all water users. (24 minutes)

Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2006
AWWA catalog no: 64304
Media Type: DVD