AWWA-64302 Rural Water Management DVD


For small town managers and public officials (as well as water system operators), this video provides an excellent overview of water system management.

Rural Water Management DVD discusses the roles and responsibilities of water operators and town managers in the operation and maintenance of the water system in three major areas: technical capacity, managerial capacity, and financial capacity. Town managers will learn about the layout and operation of a typical water system, as well as the importance of hiring and training certified operators to run it.

The video covers the five-step planning process for good water system management: 

Assessment of strengths and weaknesses of the system
2.      Short- and long-term goals
3.      Emergencies and natural disaster planning
4.      Cross-contamination prevention planning
5.      Enforcement of existing ordinances and support of operators

Produced by Nebraska Health and Human Services System and The League of Municipalities. (21 minutes)

Publisher: Nebraska Health and Human Services Systems and The League of Municipalities

Publication date: 2004

AWWA catalog no: 64302

Media Type: DVD