AWWA-64283 Crisis, Conflict and Communication: Working With the Media DVD


Learn methods for protecting drinking water sources from pollution.

Crisis, Conflict and Communication: Working With the Media DVD
 shows utilities how to work succesfully with TV and radio news media during an emergency or any important utility event. Utilities have a responsibility to keep the public informed. The media are the best means a utility has for communicating with the public. 

But what if a utility has bad news to report? How should a utility work with the media during a crisis? This video shows utilities how to deal with the news media during an important event. It shows how a utility can ensure the message that reaches the public is the message the utility wants the public to hear. 
You will learn what kinds of information the media wants and why, so you will be prepared when reporters start asking you the hard questions. You will learn how the media machine works and how today's reporters approach their stories in this age of sensationalized news. Most important, you will learn how you can keep the media from working against you.

The more you know about the media and how they work, the better chance you'll have to use them to your advantage, to get your message out. Be it terrorism, an accident, or an attack by a peeved ex-employee, the media will always be there. Treat them fairly and they will likely return the favor. Use this program as a guide to change and improve your media interactions and see them go from being a "pain" to being a "plus."

ISBN: 9781583216989

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2005

AWWA catalog no: 64283

Media Type: DVD