AWWA-64281 Water Main Disinfection and Dechlorination


Water Main Disinfection and Dechlorination demonstrates water main disinfection procedures, following AWWA Standard C651, Disinfecting Water Mains.

New water mains, repaired water mains, and in-ground pipe that has been contaminated by cross-contamination or backflow, must be disinfected before being put into service. This video visually demonstrates the process described in AWWA Standard C651.05, Disinfecting Water Mains. Viewers learn: 

  • reasons for disinfecting water mains
  • protecting water pipe from becoming contaminated while in storage, transport, and during installation 
  • chlorine disinfection
  • dechlorination
  • residuals disposal

ISBN: 9781583216972
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2005
AWWA catalog no: 64281
Media Type: DVD