AWWA-64272 WSO: Water Sources DVD


An introduction to the natural sources from which water utilties obtain raw water for treatment.

WSO: Water Sources DVD introduces water operators to groundwater and surface water sources for drinking water supplies. Through animation and locations across the continent, the program informs viewers about groundwater sources. It defines groundwater and how it differs from source water, where groundwater originates, why it usually is a high-quality water source, and how it is accessed for water supply. 
The program explains construction and operation of water wells for drinking water supply, including well location, drilling, aquifer depth, well casings, intakes, drawdown, yield, water quality, sources of contamination, and other aspects of municipal water wells. 
Viewers also learn about the use of surface waters for municipal water supply. The program defines surface water and watersheds, water storage, and transmission to the treatment plant. Viewers learn why surface water sources can fluctuate widely in water quality and flow throughout the year and how this challenges water purveyors, and the practice of blending different waters.

To provide viewers with a common ground of understanding, the DVD defines basic hydrologic terms: the hydrologic cycle, water volume and flow, the water table, aquifers, and watersheds. Viewers learn the basic physical, chemical, biological, and radiological characteristics of raw water. The program discusses turbidity, alkalinity, color, temperature, tastes, odors, dissolved solids, pH, dissolved oxygen, inorganics, organics, algae, microbes, and radioactive substances. Water quality regulations, water conservation, source water protection, and emergency water supplies are also introduced. (25 Minutes)

ISBN: 9781583216231

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2005

AWWA catalog no: 64272

Media Type: DVD