AWWA-64269 Water System Security: Distribution System Protection DVD

The distribution system represents miles and miles of possible targets that can never be defended 24-hours a day, making its protection a difficult responsibility. What should your water utility be doing to protect its pipeline, buildings, employees, and community? This video covers steps water utilities can take to strengthen distribution system security.

Water System Security: Distribution System Protection DVD asks the hard questions and provides important information vital to protecting the public heath. This powerful video covers many aspects of basic water distribution system security: 

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Emergency responder communications plan
  • Public awareness campaign
  • Defensive boundary fencing and signage
  • Tamper-resistant locks, chains, doors, and hatches
  • Security lighting
  • Protection of pump stations, wellheads, storage tanks, fire hydrants, and power supplies
  • Cameras, alarms, motion detectors, water quality monitors
  • Water quality sampling and testing protocols
  • Security patrols and guards
  • Leak audits and leak-detection programs
  • Auxiliary power and communication systems protection
  • Backflow prevention and cross-connection control programs
(25 minutes)

ISBN: 9781583217160
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2003
AWWA catalog no: 64269
Media Type: DVD