AWWA-64236 2002 Excavation Safety Set


AWWA Extra-Value Set!
This DVD includes two programs that demonstrate how to work safely at a excavation site. Excavation is one of the most dangerous work activities for water utility employees. These two programs on a single DVD show employees how to work safely on the excavation site.

Program 1: Backhoe Safety provides essential safety training for employees who work on and around backhoes. It covers work-site preparation, traffic control, equipment checks, and proper use of backhoes while digging, backfilling, traveling, and carrying pipe. Program 2: Trenching and Shoring Techniques covers OSHA standards, protective equipment, shoring, sloping, shields, and ladders.

ISBN: 9781583216583
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2002
AWWA catalog no: 64236
Media Type: DVD