AWWA-64193 Elevated Water Storage Tanks: Maintenance, Safety, and Security


This DVD illustrates maintenance, safety, and security for elevated water storage tanks.
This DVD trains water utility employees in elevated water storage tank maintenance, safety, and security. Viewers learn about the various types of water tanks and towers in operation, their components, and operation.
The video covers inspection and maintenance procedures, safety procedures, painting and coatings, draining, and cleaning. The video also instructs employees in basic tower and tank security, including fencing, locks, ladder barriers, and remote security technologies for elevated water towers.

Maintenance Manual
Maintenance of Concrete
Maintenance of Parking
Maintenance and Repair
Maintenance of Water
Maintenance Manual
Maintenance Management
Maintenance and Repair
Operation and Maintenance

ISBN: 9781583216507
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2001
AWWA catalog no: 64193
Media Type: DVD