AWWA-64182 Water Utilities at Risk DVD


Like other organizations, water and wastewater utilities of all sizes face the triple threat of substance abuse, sexual harassment, and violence in the workplace. Get three videos for the price of one in this AWWA Extra-value DVD.

Three-part DVD:

Substance Abuse
More than 70% of drug users and 85% of heavy alcohol users currently are in the workforce, which means chances are good your utility has already been affected. This hard-hitting video can help your utility take the first step to creating a safer, more productive workplace. You'll learn the warning signs and the costs of ignoring abuse. More importantly, you'll learn how to create a "Zero Tolerance" program that can help you protect your employees and the public from the consequences of untreated substance abuse. 15 minutes.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Sexual harassment on the job leads to low morale and difficult working conditions. It can be very costly to your water utility in terms of dollars, lost hours, and loss of good workers. Specially produced for water utilities, this video shows employees and employers what sexual harassment is, how the victim and the accused should deal with it, and what the employer must do to prevent it. Realistic scenarios illustrate common types of sexual harassment situations on the job. 20 minutes.

Violence in the Workplace
Created especially for employees, supervisors, and managers of water utilities, this informative video teaches the realities of workplace violence. No workplace is immune to violence; nationally 20 people a week are murdered on the job. Utility staff members need to know how to effectively handle confrontational situations. Watch realistic, powerfully acted scenarios of violent incidents that have actually occurred at water utilities. Learn about common warning signs and develop appropriate management policies. (20 minutes)

ISBN: 9781583216480
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2002
AWWA catalog no: 64182
Media Type: DVD