AWWA-64111 WSO: Flushing and Cleaning DVD


Water operator training DVD teaches basic procedures and equipment for water main flushing and cleaning.

Water leaving the treatment plant is clean and safe. As it travels through the distribution  system, it may pick up objectionable tastes, colors, odors, or even harmful microbes. Regular flushing and cleaning of water mains helps keep distribution systems from contaminating treated water. WSO: Flushing and Cleaning DVD trains water operators in equipment and procedures for flushing and cleaning water mains. It explains the reasons for pipe flushing, flushing methods (including unidirectional flushing), scheduling and record keeping, public notification, swabs, pigs, scrapers, chlorination, dechlorination, and safety procedures. (16 min.)

ISBN: 9781583216217

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2006

AWWA catalog no: 64111

Media Type: DVD