AWWA-64097 WSO: Turbidity Measurement and Particle Counting DVD


Water treatment operators learn the uses and operation of tubidimeters and particle counters.

Surface source water entering the treatment plant often contains suspended particles, which make the water appear cloudy. This cloudiness is called turbidity. Turbidity in drinking water is objectionable to customers: no one wants to drink, bathe in, or cook with “dirty” water. More importantly, turbid water can contain organisms and other matter that can threaten public health, if ingested. For these reasons, water utilities need to remove turbidity during the treatment process. The measurement and monitoring of turbidity before, during, and after treatment is the primary subject of this training DVD for water treatment operators. Operators must know how to monitor and measure turbidity before, during, and after treatment, to learn how well the treatment processes are working.

Viewers learn about the two main types of equipment that are used to measure and monitor turbidity -- the turbidimeter and the particle counter. Operators are shown how to use and care for these sensitive instruments. They learn what types of information these instruments provide, instrument calibration and maintenance, and preparation of water samples for testing. 

WSO: Turbidity Measurement and Particle Counting DVD explains the many applications of turbidimeters and particle counters in water treatment: to alert operators to changing source water conditions; to monitor effluent for filter backwashing; to optimize coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation processes, and other uses. (17 minutes)

ISBN: 9781583216170

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2007

AWWA catalog no: 64097
Media Type: DVD