AWWA-60126 2013 Buried No Longer Pipe Replacement Modeling Tool

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Nearly every water utility in the United States faces the urgent need to plan the replacement of its aging, underground pipe system.The Buried No Longer Pipe Replacement Modeling Tool software will help you determine where, when, and how much to replace—and what it will cost—based on your utility's mix of pipe types and age, system size, and region. Simply input a modest amount of data about your pipe system. The tool instantly provides results that show the level of estimated water main replacement spending needed in each year. You can even plan for deferred spending.

The results are portrayed in terms of total utility-level spending, spending needs by type of pipe, and by key diameters of pipe. Also shown are per capita costs given a utility’s population served and miles of pipe needed to be replaced in each year.This software, developed for the 2012 AWWA report, Buried No Longer: Confronting America’s Water Infrastructure Challenge, uses the proven “Nessie Curve” technique, allowing you to plan prudently and credibly. It's the smartest way to plan your infrastructure replacement project.

Requires Microsoft Excel® 2007 or later. Not available for Mac. Full support is provided by the developer, Stratus Consulting. 

Author: Stratus Consulting
Publisher: AWWA
Publication date: 2013
AWWA catalog no: 60126

Media Type: CD-ROM