AWWA-60123 Water Utility Compensation Survey, Small and Medium Sized-Utilities


Salaries, salary ranges, and compensation practices in the water utility industry. Two versions: Small and Medium-Sized Utilities for under 100,000 population; Large Utilities for over 100,000.

The 2012 AWWA Water Utility Compensation Survey--Small and Medium-Sized Utility Version provides data and analysis of salaries, salary ranges, and compensation practices in the water utility industry. The Small and Medium-Sized Utility Version provides data for utilities serving under 100,000 population.
• Salaries are reported for 45 water and wastewater utility positions from top executive to entry-level operator.

• Salary data are organized by type of ownership or management, population size, and total number of employees. This allows you to compare your utility’s salaries to those of similar utilities.
• Salary range minimum, mid-point, and maximum levels are given for each position, as well as 50th percentile, company weighted average pay, and employee weighted average pay.
• Job descriptions are provided for each position, so you can compare similar jobs even if you use different titles.
• Recent changes to overall staffing levels, workplace policies, and cost control initiatives are reviewed.
• Salary data is summarized for all participants, water-only participants, and water and wastewater participants.

Over 600 utilities participated in the 2012 survey, supplying data for more than 14,000 employees. Verisight, Inc. provided the survey data. Do your own custom sorts for individual analysis.

The book includes a CD-ROM that contains a copy of the book in PDF format, Excel files with aggregated data, and a copy of the original survey questions.

ISBN: 9781583218891

Author: Verisight, Inc.

Publisher: AWWA

Publication date: 2012

AWWA catalog no: 60123