AWWA-60118 Water Utility Compensation Survey 2011, Small and Medium-Sized Utilities


The 2011 AWWA Water Utility Compensation Survey CD-ROM provides data and analysis of salaries, salary ranges, and compensation practices in the water utility industry.

• Salaries are reported for 45 water and wastewater utility positions from top executive to entry-level operator.
• Salary data are organized by type of ownership or management, population size, and total number of employees. This allows you to compare your utility’s salaries to those of similar utilities.
• Salary range minimum, mid-point, and maximum levels are given for each position, as well as 50th percentile, company weighted average pay, and employee weighted average pay.
• Job descriptions are provided for each position, so you can compare similar jobs even if you use different titles.
• Recent changes to overall staffing levels, workplace policies, and cost control initiatives are reviewed.
• Salary data is summarized for all participants, water-only participants, and water and wastewater participants.

Over 600 utilities participated in the 2011 survey, supplying data for 14,000 employees. Verisight, Inc. provided the survey data.

ISBN: 9781583218747
Author: Verisight, Inc.
Publisher: AWWA
Publication date: 2012
AWWA catalog no: 60118