AWWA-53007 Waterstats 2002 Water Utility Distribution Survey CD-ROM


Waterstats 2002 Water Utility Distribution Survey CD-ROM consists of statistical database on United States and Canadian water utility distribution systems.

Make better distribution management decisions with WATER:\STATS, a statistical database of US and Canadian water distribution systems. Compare your utility data to water distribution data from 337 small, medium, and large drinking water utilities surveyed in 2002 and 2003. The survey contains details on a wide array of potable water distribution characteristics:

·        Utility Information
·        Pipe Material
·        Valves
·        Fire Hydrants and Flushing
·        Finished Water Storage Facilities
·        Water Conveyance
·        Corrosion Control
·        Customer Metering
·        Customer Service Lines
·        Water Supply Auditing
·        Leakage Management

  • ISBN: 9781583213063
    Publisher: American Water Works Association
    Publication date: 2002
    AWWA catalog no: 53007
    Media Type: CD-ROM