AWWA-40001A 2014 Standards on CD-ROM (2–9 Users)

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AWWA standards on CD-ROM contains all current standards and a one-year subscription that brings you two updated CD-ROMs within the following twelve months. Each update contains all AWWA standards, including new and revised standards published since the previous update. 20 to 25 standards are revised each year, and new standards are regularly issued. You have the option to renew your subscription yearly.

AWWA Standards describe minimum requirements for design, installation, performance, and manufacturing of products used in the drinking water industry. AWWA Standards cover water pipe, treatment chemicals, storage facilities, valves, appurtenances, and utility management practices. 

Regularly updated to reflect changes in materials, manufacturing, engineering design, and usage, AWWA Standards are consensus documents and prescribe recommended best practices. Adoption of AWWA Standards by manufacturers and water utilities is voluntary and widespread.

NOTE: ANSI/AWWA J100-10 Risk Analysis and Management for Critical Asset Protection (RAMCAP®) Standard for Risk and Resilience Management of Water and Wastewater Systems is included for the first time in the AWWA Standards Set, and will be automatically sent to current AWWA Standards subscribers.

Current and Historical AWWA Standards
Current AWWA Standards are available for purchase in print or as pdfs. Historical AWWA Standards are available as pdfs only. Please go to individual standard descriptions to find a listing of related historic standards.

ISBN: 9781625760678
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2014
AWWA catalog no: 40001A
Media Type: CD-ROM

Standards in pdf format on CD for 2 to 9 users.