AWWA-30003 Safety Management for Utilities, Seventh Edition


M3 Safety Management for Utilities, Seventh Edition, provides recommendations and information for managers on water utility safety.

Protecting the professionals who produce sustainable supplies of high-quality drinking water is of utmost importance. Protecting a utility’s most valuable resource, its employees, so they can work safely in environments that are safe for them is the primary purpose of workplace safety programs. With this edition, the manual M3 has been completely rewritten, focusing on development of comprehensive health and safety programs. The manual can be used as general guidance for water utility personnel who have the responsibility for developing a utility health and safety program.

Supplementary digital information and tools to use in developing a utility health and safety program are included, for example:

·        Checklists
·        Site Inspection Forms
·        Programs
·        Job Safety Analyses

These writable files (PDF, 6.5MB) are delivered  to online purchasers of M3 automatically in their "My Downloads" folder.

ISBN: 9781583219997

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2014

AWWA catalog no: 30003-7E


Number of pages: 124