AWWA-20757 Communicating Water’s Value: Talking Points, Tips & Strategies


Water professionals are responsible for shaping and sometimes changing consumers’ perceptions about water’s value. Consumers can mistakenly undervalue water’s worth by assuming it should be provided at no cost to the public. Communicating Water’s Value: Talking Points, Tips & Strategies outlines how water professionals can encourage customers to appreciate water as the precious commodity it is by driving the message that it needs to be paid for just like other valuable services. Communicating Water’s Value offers tips and tools to assist management, communications staff,  and employees at both small and large utilities in shaping customers’ understanding about the value of water. The tactics outlined can especially be useful during situations such as advocating for proposed rate hikes, or when conservation measures are needed. Goetz goes into depth about the consumer behavior and psychology that drives people’s understanding of worth. Communicating Water’s Value also includes “success stories” from various utilities and corporations who implemented strategies that effectively shaped and changed the public’s perception of the value of water. 

ISBN: 9781583219799

Author: Melanie K. Goetz

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2014

AWWA catalog no: 20757


Number of pages: 235