AWWA-20745 2013 Environmental Compliance Guidebook: Beyond US Water Quality Regulations


Specially written for water and wastewater utilities, this book tells you what the US environmental laws are, when they might apply to your utility, and how to comply with them.

Almost every US water and wastewater utility must comply with US environmental protection regulations covering air emissions, hazardous materials and wastes, toxic substances, and other issues. This useful new book will help you avoid violations of US environmental law.Environmental Compliance Guidebook: Beyond US Water Quality Regulations addresses the safe handling, disposal, and storage of all regulated substances to be in compliance with the laws. The book tells you:

• Which environmental laws apply to your utility and when they apply
• What the laws say and mean
• Which US federal agencies are responsible for enforcement 
• What is required of your utility to comply with the laws
• Which violations are most common with utilities

Specially written for water and wastewater utilities, this book explains in clear, understandable language: 
• Air emissions
• Hazardous materials
• Hazardous wastes
• Pesticides
• Petroleum
• Solid wastes
• Storage tanks
• Toxic substances
• Wastewater

Features to help you comply
• Compliance Checklists list key compliance requirements of the regulation and recommended best management practices. 
• Example Activities tell you when the chapter would be applicable to your utility. 
• Common Regulatory Findings uncover common compliance issues and pitfalls.

Includes CD-ROM
An included CD-ROM provides the Compliance Checklists that you can download and print. The CD also includes a printable “Dangerous Goods and Combustible Liquids Storage Compatibility Chart.” 

ISBN: 9781583218570

Author: Christine Herndon, Shelley Hemming

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2013

AWWA catalog no: 20745

Media Type: HARDBACK

Number of pages: 316