AWWA-20744 2012 Managing Water Main Breaks Field Guide


Highly experienced in evaluating water distribution system components, Morgan describes causes of leaks in drinking water mains, how to identify them, the effective use of information documented from main breaks, cost-effective ways of making the repairs, the impact of water main breaks, and repair site safety.

Although every water utility knows how to repair water main breaks, some utilities are better at managing main breaks to minimize both disruptions to the public and lost consumer confidence in the utility. How can a water utility “manage” something as unknowable as when and where water main breaks will happen? Can the negative impacts of main breaks be mitigated? Managing Water Main Breaks Field Guide will help water utilities to better prepare for pipeline breaks. Utilities should be proactive, rather than reactive. Becoming proactive will reduce the number of main breaks, as well as the negative impacts to the community.

This concise book will help you prepare by telling you:

• kinds of breaks and their causes
• where main breaks are most likely to occur
• how to respond quickly or in a timely manner
• how to identify and locate leaks and breaks
• how to maintain safety at repair sites
• how to mitigate impacts on the utility, on customers, and on other utilities
• how to make repairs efficiently and expertly
• when to replace a pipe rather than repair it
• how to notify all those affected and keep them informed during repairs
• how to record main-break information

Managing Water Main Breaks Field Guide includes excerpts from related AWWA books, manuals of practice, and periodicals. These provide additional useful information about corrosion, water pressure, leak detection, repair costs, and other related topics. Numerous photos illustrate types, causes, and impacts of main breaks. Each chapter concludes with a “Questions to Consider,” section – a series of questions to help the reader to evaluate specific processes, issues, or programs. These questions will help utilities provide best-in-class service.

ISBN: 9781583218600

Author: Kenneth C. Morgan, P.E.

Publisher: American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Publication date: 2012

AWWA catalog no: 20744


Number of pages: 112