AWWA-20715 Water Treatment Process Monitoring & Evaluation


Guide to identifying and correcting treatment deficiencies to maintain the desired water quality.

Now, every water treatment operator can identify and correct treatment deficiencies to maintain the desired water quality. Water Treatment Process Monitoring & Evaluation shows how. A basic part of the water treatment plant operator’s job is to identify process problems, evaluate the causes, and develop effective solutions. This handbook will help you accomplish these essential duties. Water Treatment Process Monitoring & Evaluation provides operators with the information needed to troubleshoot treatment problems, evaluate operational variations (such as the changes in treatment efficiency due to changes in the raw water), and make corresponding water chemistry or other process changes to maintain the desired water quality.

Additionally, Water Treatment Process Monitoring & Evaluation covers fundamentals that all operators should know, including process design, computerized and manual controls, chemical feeders, monitoring instruments, response and detention times, and record keeping.

Case histories, plentiful graphic illustrations, and a rich assortment of appendix material augment the text.

ISBN: 9781583218587

Author: Richard P. Beverly, PE

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2012

AWWA catalog no: 20715


Number of pages: 195