AWWA-20714 Treatment Technologies for Groundwater


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Operators of groundwater treatment plants will find much helpful information pertaining specifically to groundwater sources and treatment, compiled and organized for ease of use in this handbook.

In the past, it seemed as if groundwater treatment regulations were an afterthought to surface water regulations. Today, water treatment professionals have a much better understanding of the vulnerability of groundwater supplies to various contaminant threats. This understanding is reflected in a broader regulatory framework for groundwater. This book is designed to answer many operational questions regarding groundwater treatment. Written in a question-and-answer format, Treatment Technologies for Groundwater provides all the information needed to choose appropriate treatment and operate a groundwater treatment plant. It provides a handy information source on regulations, commonly used treatment technologies, disinfection, and corrosion control. 

Additionally, it provides best practices and procedures for removing various substances from groundwater: iron, manganese, arsenic, hydrogen sulfide, nitrate, uranium, radium and gross alpha, barium, and organic compounds.

ISBN: 9781583217573

Author: Lee H. Odell

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2010

AWWA catalog no: 20714

Number of pages: 190