AWWA-20707 2009 Selecting Disinfectants in a Security-Conscious Environment


Enjoy a video presentation about disinfectants, entitled: "CDC Principles of Cleaning and Disinfecting Environmental Surfaces"

Evaluate water disinfection options from a security standpoint with guidance form this book.

Disinfectant selection is central to the design and operation of drinking water, wastewater, and reuse systems.  Selecting Disinfectants in a Security-Conscious Environment provides a systematic method for evaluating disinfectants to meet your requirements. With this book, you can compare disinfection options consistently, taking into account operational issues, process and supply-chain reliability, environmental issues, and security considerations. The guide will help you evaluate disinfectants that meet your utility's needs from both a water-quality  and a security perspective. The book provides tables that let you compare various disinfectants side-by-side. The tables list the advantages, disadvantages, typical uses, effectiveness, regulations, relative costs, safety and security considerations, and other relevant parameters, for:


  • free chlorine (gas, sodium or calcium hypochlorite, on-site generated hypochlorite)
  • chloramines
  • ultraviolet light
  • ozone
  • chlorine dioxide        

Safety and security have become key considerations for water and wastewater utilities in choosing disinfectants. In some cases, the cost of safety and security provisions can significantly affect the feasibility of disinfection options. Selecting Disinfectants in a Security-Conscious Environment provides a scientific methodology to expertly analyze and quantify safety and security risks and costs for any type of disinfectant.

The information presented is consistent with the US Environmental Protection Agency's water utility security guidelines and the Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Antiterrorism Standards.

ISBN: 9781583217351

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2009

AWWA catalog no: 20707

Media Type: SOFTBOUND 

Number of pages: 160