AWWA-20689 Operational Guide to AWWA Standard G400, Utility Management System


Operational Guide to AWWA Standard G400, Utility Management System, provides additional information to water utilities for implementing ANSI/AWWA Standard G400, Utility Management System, which sets out critical requirements for water utility management. Standard G400 was created to respond to a widespread need of utility managers to have some consistency in approach and some reliability in knowing what is generally expected of utilities in all areas of utility management. The standard was developed using the same formal, ANSI-recognized, AWWA-managed process as all other AWWA Standards. Operational Guide to AWWA Standard G400, Utility Management System helps utility managers (1) understand the purpose and function of standard G400 and (2) implement and incorporate the standard into everyday utility operations. The guide describes all the policies and processes needed to create, maintain, and continually improve a Utility Management System, including:

  • Committment of Resources
  • Legal, Regulatory, and Other Requirements
  • Standard ComplianceTracking and Measuring Improvement
  • Communication
  • Training
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Documentation
  • Human Resources

The guide provides examples of methods or procedures that illustrate how to incorporate and implement the various parts of AWWA Standard G400 to create a Utility Management System. Sample forms, documents, questionnaires, and checklists are also included.

ISBN: 9781583217337

Author: James F. Ginley, Todd A. Humphrey

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2009

AWWA catalog no: 20689


Number of pages: 77