AWWA-20677 Pump Selection and Troubleshooting Field Guide


Choose the right pumps for the job and keep them working smoothly with this handy field guide.

Pumps are the most expensive part of a water system to operate and can be very expensive to repair or replace after a failure. Proper pump selection and operation is essential for long service life. Pump Selection and Troubleshooting Field Guide provides operators, engineers, and maintenance staff quick and easy methods to determine whether a pump is operating properly. 

The book is divided into six chapters:

Chapter 1 - Pump Horsepower
Chapter 2 - Pump Types
Chapter 3 - Variable Flow
Chapter 4 - Pump Troubleshooting
Chapter 5 - Chemical Pumps
Chapter 6 - Operation and Maintenance Manual

ISBN: 9781583217276

Author: Richard “Phil” Beverly

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2009

AWWA catalog no: 20677


Number of pages: 132