AWWA-20672 Water Basics for Decision Makers: Local Officials' Guide to Water & Wastewater Systems


A clearly written information resource for government officials and water decision makers about the management, operation, and technology of city water and wastewater systems.

From time to time city, county, or state officials must address important water and wastewater issues, such as water resources, utility service rates, or capital financing for new infrastructure. These busy people need a useful information source on drinking water and wastewater systems. Water Basics for Decision Makers: Local Officials’ Guide to Water and Wastewater Systems is designed to be a handy, one-stop information resource for local decision makers all stakeholders in your city’s water and wastewater systems. This expertly written book explains how management of water utilities, rate setting, water and wastewater treatment plant operations, the science of water and wastewater treatment, water quality and public health, water storage and distribution, source water development, infrastructure maintenance, finances, and much more. 

The author explains technical subjects in a nontechnical style, so readers do not need a technical background in water and wastewater treatment.

ISBN: 9781583215852
 Frederick Bloetscher, PhD, PE
 American Water Works Association
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