AWWA-20650 Integrity Testing for Low-Pressure Membranes


How to test microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes in water treatment for tiny defects that can allow pathogens through.

Low-pressure (MF and UF) membranes can remove nearly all microbial pathogens as long as the integrity of the membranes remains intact. Membrane integrity testing identifies tiny defects in MF and UF membranes. Integrity Testing for Low-Pressure Membranes describes various methods for membrane integrity testing. You will learn the types and causes of integrity breaches, tests to discover them, and how to establish a membrane integrity testing program. 

To comply with disinfection regulations, utilities using low-pressure membranes for drinking water treatment must validate and verify the removal efficiency of the targeted contaminant through integrity testing. Owners and operators of water treatment systems that use MF or UF membranes should use the testing methods described in this book to protect public health.

ISBN: 9781583217931

Author: Charles Liu

Publisher: American Water Works Association (AWWA)

Publication date: 2012

AWWA catalog no: 20650

Media Type: HARDBACK

Number of pages: 256