AWWA-20630 Microbial/Disinfection By-Products (M/DBP) Training Toolkit

The Microbial/Disinfection By-Products (M/DBP) Training Toolkit  provides the information and tools to make sure water utilities are in compliance with the Long-Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule and the Stage 2 Disinfection and Disinfection By-Products Rule. The Microbial/Disinfection By-Products (M/DBP) Training Toolkit provides all the materials needed to train individuals or groups on the complex requirements of the Long-Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2 ESWTR) and the Stage 2 Disinfection and Disinfection By-Products Rule (Stage 2 D/DBPR).

The M/DBP Training Toolkit consists of
  1. Compilation of AWWA and US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) training and reference materials
  2. Pretraining needs assessment worksheet
  3. Full-day and half-day workshop agendas
  4. Three complete AWWA Webcasts with audio
  5. Instructions for use

Materials, provided on two CD-ROMs, are easily customized to your specific training needs.

Included in the toolkit are three, two-hour AWWA 2006 Webcasts on M/DBP that were developed by industry experts:
  • AWWA Webcast 1: Translating the Stage 2 DBPR: What, When, Who?
  • AWWA Webcast 2: Translating the LT2ESWTR: What, When, Who?
  • AWWA Webcast 3: Monitoring and Compliance for the M/DBP2 Rules
  • Trainers with access to computer image and audio projection may conduct group training using the audio recording of the original webcast speakers while advancing through the projected PowerPoint slides. This format could be the basis for group training sessions in roughly two-hour segments similar to the original webcasts. Trainers are encouraged to use the additional toolkit materials, such as the regulations and guidance, Excel worksheets, and other items to facilitate additional question and answer sessions and conduct other training activities.

ISBN: 9781583215296
Author: Jan Routt & Associates, LLC
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2007
AWWA catalog no: 20630
Media Type: CD-ROM