AWWA-20622 Operational Guide for AWWA Standard G300, Source Water Protection


The protection of water sources from contamination is a vital function of water utilities for the provision of safe and plentiful drinking water. Operational Guide for AWWA Standard G300, Source Water Protection, provides guidance and additional information to water utilities for implementing ANSI/AWWA Standard G300, Source Water Protection. Standard G300 describes six critical requirements for the effective protection of drinking water sources.  

The guidebook will help utilities identify source water protection goals, produce action plans, implement the plans, and evaluate effectiveness. Includes worksheets, an extensive resource section, and case studies of successful source protection programs.

ISBN: 9781583217849

Author: Chi Ho Sham, Ph.D., Richard W. Gullick, Ph.D., Sharon C. Long, Ph.D., Pamela P. Kenel, P.E.

Publisher: AWWA

Publication date: 2010

AWWA catalog no: 20622


Number of pages: 146