AWWA-20599 2006 Field Guide to SDWA Regulations


Field Guide to SDWA Regulations provides easy-to-follow information on drinking water regulations, regulatory guidance, and advisories related to the latest regulations. Although much has been done to simplify US drinking water regulations, a confusing array of technical information still exists, and sorting it all out is problematic. This operations-oriented book explains all the regulations and how they fit together. The book provides regulatory guidance and advisories related to USEPA regulations in a single, easy-to-follow guide. It compiles information from USEPA, AWWA, and others and presents it in an understandable format. Useful to water utility managers, treatment and distribution operators, and environmental engineers.

ISBN: 9781583213858

Author: Mark Scharfenaker, John Stubbart, William C. Lauer

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2006

AWWA catalog no: 20599

Media Type: Softbound

Number of pages: 163