AWWA-20566 Water Quality in the Distribution System


Drinking water quality can degrade as the water travels through the distribution system. Water Quality in the Distribution System, describes causes of water-quality degradation in the distribution system and provides solutions to all common water quality problems. Information is organized into nine sections:

1. Introduction -- Five critical steps to achieving and maintaining distribution system water quality
2. Microbiological Issues -- Control of biofilm growth and eliminating pathogens in the distribution system
3. Chemical & Physical Issues -- Maintain disinfectant residuals and reduce disinfectant by-products.
4. Chloramine Conversion Issues -- Gain the benefits of chloramines as a residual disinfectant, while controlling nitrification and taste-and-odor problems.
5. Corrosion Control -- Minimize or eliminate the effects of pipeline corrosion on water quality.
6. Rapid or Real-Time Monitoring -- Optimize distribution system operation and water quality, even as conditions change.
7. Operational Practices -- Distribution system operation strategies that will assure pristine water quality all the way to customers' taps.
8. Flushing to Maintain Water Quality -- Flushing practices to preserve water quality.
9. Water Quality Computer Modeling (Computer-Aided Network Analysis) -- Accuratly predict changes in delivered water quality caused by changes in treatment or distribution operations.

ISBN: 9781583213230

Author: William C. Lauer, Technical Editor

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2004

AWWA catalog no: 20566

Media Type: Hardback
Number of pages: 1083