AWWA-20563 Wastewater Microbiology: A Handbook for Operators


Microorganisms, such as bacteria and protozoa do the actual breakdown and removal of nutrients and organic material in the wastewater. A wastewater treatment plant operator's job is to control this biological process. That is why wastewater operators need to understand basic microbiology, as well as the types of microorganisms that are used in the treatment of sewage, and how the microbes do their job in the wastewater treatment process.

Wastewater Microbiology: A Handbook for Operators,  provides the treatment information wastewater operators need to know. Chapters cover wastewater treatment system overview, general microscopy, bacteria, protozoa, metazoans, filamentous bacteria, and microbiology and process control. Includes glossary of terms and CD-ROM with 85 color photographs of microorganisms.

"A very user friendly text packed with understandable and useful information. A superb job." Jon Standridge, Chief Microbiologist, Lab Director, State of Wisconsin Laboratory of Hygiene 

ISBN: 9781583213438

Author: Toni Glymph

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 2005

AWWA catalog no: 20563

Media Type: Softbound
Number of pages: 182