AWWA-20534 Steel Water Storage Tanks: Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Repair


Steel Water Storage Tanks: Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Repairdescribes all types of steel water tanks, both ground-supported and elevated. Chapters cover tank configurations, location, appurtenances, codes and regulations, corrosion control, foundations, welded tanks, bolted tanks, operation, maintenance, inspection, cleaning, rehabilitation, repair, and security.

A complete engineering reference on steel water storage tanks, including siting, design, fabrication, construction, and O & M. Covers welded, bolted, ground-supported, and elevated tanks. 
The design, construction, and operation, and repair of steel tanks for potable water storage are the topics of this engineering reference handbook. Author Stephen W. Meier, P.E., S.E., Chair of the AWWA Steel Tank Committee, is one of the foremost experts on concrete and steel structures for water storage.

Maintenance Manual
Maintenance of Concrete
Maintenance of Parking
Maintenance and Repair
Maintenance of Water
Maintenance Manual
Maintenance Management
Maintenance Safety
Operation and Maintenance

Concept, Performance, Evaluation, and Repair
Rehabilitating and Repairing the Buildings
Design and Construction, Problems and Repair
Mechanism, Detection, Avoidance, and Repair
Elements for OEM and Repair
Strengthening and Repairing Existing Structures
Repairing & Replacing Fire Hydrants
Pipeline Repair Teleconference,DVD
Pipeline Repair for Water Utilities

Author: Stephen Meier, Editor
Publisher: American Water Works Association and McGraw-Hill
Publication date: 2010
AWWA catalog no: 20534
Media Type: HARDBACK
Number of pages: 512