AWWA-20486 Handbook of Water Use and Conservation


Water-efficiency technologies and practices for residential, commercial, and agricultural customers. Includes water-use statistics. Handbook of Water Use and Conservation contains hundreds of water-efficiency technologies and practices for residential, landscape, industrial, commercial, institutional, and agricultural customers. Water conservation planners will find find dozens of proven water efficiency measures to reduce and control both short-term water demand (e.g., during drought and peak conditions), as well as long-term demand, for each type of customer. Potential water savings and related costs are provided, so you can know which measures will provide the best benefit/cost ratio for any type of customer.

Case studies provide a variety of examples of water-conservation programs in use in North American communities. 

ISBN: 9781931579070

Author: Amy Vickers

Publisher: Waterplow Press

Publication date: 2001

AWWA catalog no: 20486

Media Type: Hardback

Number of pages: 446