AWWA-20453 Pumping Station Design, Revised Third Edition

Pumping Station Design, Revised Third Edition provides all the information needed to design, equip, and build efficient, reliable pumping stations that are easy to operate and maintain. This book is written for a wide variety of readers: the expert and the beginner in a design office, the project leader of a design team, the city engineer or chief engineer of a water or sewerage authority (or their subordinates) who may review plans and specifications, and manufacturers' representatives who should know how their equipment is best applied to a pumping station.

Updates to the revised third edition include extensive references to Hydraulic Institute Standards, the latest design information, and the use of computers for pump selection.

Chapters cover all aspects of pumping stations for water supply and wastewater: flow in conduits, fundamentals of hydraulic transients, electrical fundamentals and power system principles, pump particulars, system design for water and sludge pumping, and more.
Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Nomenclature
  3. Flow in Conduits
  4. Piping
  5. Valves
  6. Fundamentals of Hydraulic Transients
  7. Control of Hydraulic Transients
  8. Electrical Fundamentals and Power System Principles
  9. Electrical Design
  10. Performance of Centrifugal Pumps
  11. Types of Pumps
  12. Pumps: Selection, Installation, and Intakes
  13. Electric Motors
  14. Engines
  15. Variable-Speed Pumping
  16. Pump-Driver Specifications
  17. System Design for Wastewater Pumping
  18. System Design for Water Pumping
  19. System Design for Sludge Pumping
  20. Instrumentation and Control Devices
  21. Instrumentation and Control Applications
  22. Vibration and Noise
  23. Heating, Ventilating, and Cooling
  24. Designing for Easy Operation and Maintenance
  25. Summary of Design Considerations
  26. Pumping Station Design Examples
  27. Avoiding Blunders
  28. Contract Documents
  29. Costs
  30. Appendices                                 
  31. Physical Data
  32. Data for Flow in Pipes, Fittings, and Valves
  33. Typical Specifications for Pumps and Drivers
  34. Common Blunders
  35. Checklist for Project Reviews
  36. Start-Up
  37. Index
ISBN: 9781856175735
Author: Garr M. Jones, Robert L. Sanks, George Tchobanoglous, Bayard E. Bosserman, II
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Publication date: 2008
AWWA catalog no: 20453
Media Type: Hardback
Number of pages: 1104