AWWA-20446 Maintenance Management for Water Utilities, Third Edition


Regular maintenance of water utility equipment and facilities is absolutely critical to the utility’s mission of delivering safe drinking water nonstop, year in and year out. AWWA Maintenance Management for Water Utilities, Third Edition, will show water utilities of all sizes how to develop and operate an efficient, cost-effective maintenance management program.

The book systematically covers all aspects of utility maintenance, including

  • Maintenance department roles and organization
  • Internal and external personnel
  • Planning a maintenance management system (MMS)
  • Program monitoring and record keeping
  • Parts and material inventory management
  • Estimating costs and preparing budgets
  • Structuring a training program

New in this revised and updated edition

ISBN: 9781583217832
Author: James K. Jordan
Publisher: American Water Works Association (AWWA)
Publication date: 2010
AWWA catalog no: 20446
Number of pages: 161