AWWA-20440 1999 Iron and Manganese Removal Handbook


AWWA Iron and Manganese Removal Handbookdescribes the effects of iron and manganese in drinking water, explains the chemical processes at work, and provides treatment methods for removing these metals from groundwater and surface water sources. Readers will receive an understanding of the chemistry and microbiology of iron and manganese removal, as well as pretreatment methods that maximize removal at later stages of treatment. The book explains filter operating criteria to achieve efficient removal and complete backwashing, as well as other removal technologies, including zeolite softening, biological treatment, and in-situ treatment of groundwater supplies.

The book also reviews case studies and includes distribution systems and safety issues.


ISBN: 9781583210123

Author: Elmer O. Sommerfield

Publisher: American Water Works Association

Publication date: 1999

AWWA catalog no: 20440

Media Type: Softbound

Number of pages: 158