AWWA-20410 2008 Forecasting Urban Water Demand, Second Edition


If you have responsibility for forecasting future water demand in your city, AWWA’s newly revised Forecasting Urban Water Demand  provides all the tools you need to  accurately forecast drinking-water requirements for your city in the short-, mid-, and long-term. 

Forecasting Urban Water Demand, Second Edition, examines the full range of influences on urban water demand—population, weather, climate, water prices/rates, and short- and long-term conservation programs. It describes how to use all water demand-forecasting techniques used by US water utilities:

1. Annual per capita water demand forecasts
2. Annual water demand forecasts by major customer class
3. Peak day forecasts
4. Monthly system water demand forecasts
5. Daily water demand forecasts
6. Revenue forecasts linked with water demand forecasts

The book provides guidance for choosing the right forecasting methods, depending upon the uses for which you will use the forecast, such as sizing system capacity and raw water supply, rate setting, revenue forecasting, or planning distribution system improvements.

Additionally, the book tells you what data you need to do forecasting, and shows you how to use such useful techniques as curve fitting, statistical regression analysis, and other powerful methodologies. You will be able to do a water demand forecast as sophisticated or as simple as you need, with the information in this book.

An included CD contains a wealth of data that will help you to understand standard forecasting concepts and practice standard forecasting procedures.

The CD contains

• 20 years’ of daily weather data (a typical data chart available from the National Climactic Data Center, useful for many demand-analysis applications)
• 66 years’ of daily water use data (a remarkable series of data, used for several important exercises in water demand analysis)
• Demand curve chart (experiment with the relationship between price and demand)
• 15 years’ of data to analyze per capita water demand (understand such concepts as regression analysis)
• 10 years’ of monthly data on water use proportions and factors (predict seasonal variation of water use for a customer class or utility)
• Sector water use data and forecast (example of historic data on residential and commercial/industrial water use and 25-year forecasts based on growth rates)
• Types of water demand forecasts and applications (know which forecast application to use for short-, mid-, or long-term forecasts)

1. Findings from the Water Demand Survey, a polling of more than 600 US water utility managers on their forecast practices, conservation programs, and current and anticipated trends per capita water use in their systems.
2. New chapters on long-term water conservation and short-term emergency conservation.
3. Expanded coverage of impacts of weather and climate change on water demand modeling.
4. Expanded information on price elacticity with example calculations.

ISBN: 9781583215371
Author: R. Bruce Billings, Clive V. Jones
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2008
AWWA catalog no: 20410
Media Type: Hardback
Number of pages: 360