AWWA-20244 Plain Talk About Drinking Water, Fifth Edition


Enjoy a video presentation about drinking water, entitled: "What's REALLY the Best Drinking Water?"

Consumers want straight talk about drinking water. They want the truth told plainly in language they understand, but that doesn’t talk down to them. They get just that inPlain Talk about Drinking Water, AWWA’s top-selling book that answers common consumer questions about tap water.

Written in a familiar question and answer format, AWWA Plain Talk About Drinking Water, Fifth Edition answers 231 questions about drinking water: contaminants (including atrazine and pharmaceuticals), tastes and odors, climate change, chlorine and fluoride, lead in water pipes, bottled water, home treatment devices, water conservation, federal regulations … and many others.

Water utilities buy Plain Talk About Drinking Water in quantity (discounts available) to provide copies to Customers who want to be informed about drinking water

  • School and public libraries, community centers, and senior centers
  • Water utility employees, especially those in customer service and public affairs
  • Newspaper health, science, and lifestyle editors, TV and radio news departments, and Internet news providers
  • Doctor's offices and hospital waiting rooms

"A fascinating read that would do well in any community library reference collection."—Midwest Book Review

Author: Dr. James M. Symons
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2010
AWWA catalog no: 20244
Media Type: SOFTBOUND 
Number of pages: 194