AWWA-10072 The Water Dictionary, Second Edition CD-ROM


Developed specifically for water and wastewater professionals, this unique dictionary has more than 15,000 definitions for water-related words, phrases, and acronyms.

The Water Dictionary, Second Edition CD-ROM provides standardized definitions for more than 15,000 water-related words, phrases, acronyms, chemicals, microorganisms, units of measure, formulas, and calculations. You get definitions for words relating to water resources, treatment and distribution, wastewater treatment, geology, hydrology, toxicology, microbiology, engineering, chemistry, regulations, and more. Appendices include Units of Measure and Table of Conversion Factors.

ISBN: 9781583217580
Author: James M. Symons, Ph.D, Nancy McTigue
Publisher: American Water Works Association
Publication date: 2010
AWWA catalog no: 10072
Media Type: CD-ROM